Our Mission

To provide factual information about health related issues specifically directed at helping individuals and families prevent ill health and promote well being.

Our products focus on health guidelines that give information about conditions, risk factors, steps for preventing afflictions or complications and pointers to achieve health and well being; and are based on authoritative sources and the latest available information.

We would welcome the opportunity of presenting our products and concepts to you and make them available to your customers.

Our Services

Healthcare Information Through Mobile Space

Health related information and alerts will be presented in popular categories. Category selection is based on careful consideration of public health needs as well as trends analysis of popular searches and queries in different forums.

Healthcare updates, news, analysis and reviews along with useful articles on healthcare related topics of common interest and an authoritive reference source for healthcare.

Visit our portal Doctorni.com for first hand experience.

Web Projects for Healthcare

Need to have a web presence to enhance your business prospects?

We have helped healthcare providers and orgnizations get a web presence. As helthcare experts ourselves, we are in a better position to understand and convert your vision into a web experience that is in tune with your business needs and customer requirements.

Getting noticed through authoritative and quality content that would identify and project your uniqueness and the specialised nature of your business offerings is something we all desire.

Our suite of content development services under our content label, "Doctorni" are meant for healthcare professionals and organizations reach out to existing and potential customers through highly individualistic content. We have created specialized content in almost all medical faculties and specialties through our highly qualified team of medical and healthcare professionals and our experienced content editors.

Contact us now and tell us what is it that you need to pass on to your customers and patients - from awareness campaigns to information about new techniques and innovative approaches; from guidance to assessment; from interactive training to feedback analytics - we have everything covered.

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